Wednesday, 12 March 2008

China Unintentionally Attacks Again

There has been a lot of talk about the Yellow Dust in recent weeks. All the established blogs wrote about it, my agent told me what it feels like and the US Army site is monitoring the situation. It all sounded so serious.

Yellow Dust is blown up and over from the deserts in North Western China. We are talking thousands of kilometres away, yet is affects us here in Korea. Imagine what people in Beijing must feel like. There the actual desert it getting closer every year.

A few weeks back I watched a program on Discovery. It spoke about the storms that bring dust. They had footage of the storm hitting a town. The footage was awesome, ignoring that people died in that storm. In Korea is much more boring. All we see here is something that looks like an odd coloured fog.

Yesterday we had that fog. I did not realise what it was until the evening. Despite the sun, this fog stayed, and when I was walking home, my trought (How do you spell that!!) fell scratchy. I’m not sick, so it must have been something else.

That was when it struck me: “Look at the US Army monitoring system, fool.” Indeed, I had my first experience of yellow dust and it was not nice at all. I can still feel it in my throught (Again!! From now on it will be my left arm pit) this morning.

I know you down there in deep light African, or Indonesia, or wherever, do not worry about this, but remember that when I die, FIVE people will not have my Blog to read any more, so look at the Army site to see if I am safe.

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