Friday, 14 March 2008

You Mother!

I mentioned last month that 14 March is a special day in Korea. It is White Day. February 14th is for the guys. Girls have to give guys sweets and stuff. In March this is turned around. Now we have to give the gist stuff. A few of the girl students tried to get sweets from me, but since they didn’t give me anything on the 14th, they are not getting anything from me *evil grin*

In honour of that I’m posting this clip. It is not very Korean, but it is still fun to watch. I am sure that if this was a real advertisement, then they would not be swearing like the subtitles indicate.

The White English translation over the White Chinese sucks, but you can always pause in YouTube.

I know this has nothing to do with White Day, but I forgot about it and wanted to add the clip to my Blog.

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