Thursday, 06 March 2008


Imagine for a moment, two boys, Young Kimbab and Young Kimchi, both about 12 years of age. Imagine Young Kimbab bending to pick something up, maybe even kneeling. Then imagine, if you would, Young Kimchi folding his hand together in a Charlie’s Angels, holding the guns, gesture. You know the pretend pose, bottom three laced, index fingers extended against each other and thumbs simulating the firearm’s hammer? Imagine that for a moment.

There is nothing strange to this, is there? What about if Young Kimbab’s arse is pointed straight at Young Kimchi? I would imagine you are either thinking the worst or nothing at all.

This being Korea, Young Kimbab is in the firing line for a Dongchim (똥침). Young Kimchi is going to take his two extended finger of his and stick it up the arse of Young Kimbab. Yes, that it right, up his arse! Up the arse, as far as the material will allow!

For the live of me, I cannot see the funny side in this. How can sticking my finger up another’s arse be funny? Kinky, maybe, but funny? MY finger, HIS arse. It freaks me out every time I see it.

In case you don’t believe me I took the liberty of typing Dongchim in Korean(똥침) in to Google Image Search and found these on the very first page of results. Scarily enough, there were more that I could have used.

*A friend of mine from the Philippines, Queenie, says the do this there aswell. Eeeeeeeeew!


Anonymous said...

yeah..we do it here as well. my kids love doing it with the cuzzins...sometimes i do it with my hubby...ahahahahaha!!!! its fun really...try it!!! LOL
with your school director...wahahahahaha!!!


Vikki said...

lemme try it