Saturday, 15 March 2008

News of the week

Soompi features a story about a program that was aired over here. The program deals with North Koreans who try to flee to China. There is a disturbing, but powerful photograph. [read]

The first Korean in space will be a women. This from a country where they is still a very big difference in the workplace when gender is concerned. [read]

Tax Cut Proposed for 6% Growth. Don't countries normally aim for something like 3%. I am not economist, but I thought that a to high growth rate causes severe inflation. Also note the line "It seeks to create 350,000 new jobs, down from Lee's campaign pledge of 600,000 and keep consumer prices under 3.3 percent." [read]

People die, get over it, demmit. Just remove the monuments and get it over with. [read]

I cant believe people are still on about this stupid. [read]

More on the Korean Canal. A nice little video to see the whole issue. [read]

My home country's neighbour and my country of residence's neighbour are both mentioned in this article. And the country I lived in before ... [read]

SA's warped idea of Democracy. This is Africa for you. You don't vote for me legally? Then we will get more aggressive, little by little until you do. [read]

And here I walk home at 11pm and pass a lone schoolgirls in quiet back street, without even wondering about what might be just around the corner. [read]

I guess they will ask for an end to the quotas for black students as well? I mean, we cant have double standards, can we? [read]

I cant even believe this site exists, but then again, this is the Internet. [read]

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