Thursday, 13 March 2008

컴푸타손생님! Computer Teacher!

While working at my desk in the teacher’s room, I heard one of the teachers call for the Computer Teacher. The fact that Computer is a Korean word does not surprise me. There are stranger lone words here. That they don’t call the Computer Teacher by her name is what drew my attention. There was just a sudden cry of “Ceomputeo Sonsaengnim!” with the last “i” drawn out for effect to form “Sonsaengneeeeeem”.

I think I am going to start calling teachers by their subjects now. It is much easier that trying to remember if it is Kim Su-Gyaong or Kim Sug-Yeong or what ever other Kim, Bak or Ee you can think of.

I already know the Computer Teacher's "name" now, but I think I should find out what Mathematics is in Korean as well.


-Dian Devline- said...

hehe... foreign language is interesting, rite?? :P

Otto Silver said...

Yup. Is sure is. This might also be culture, bit just pure language. :)