Saturday, 08 March 2008

News of the Week

Festivals Lack Foreign Language Web Sites
Don't I know this already!

Subprime Woes Pull Down KOSPI Below 1,700.
Seems all is not well in the markets of Rice and Kimchi

N. Korea Selling Fake Cigarettes: Report
I hear they are also well know for high quality forged US dollars.

`Two Deputies for President Took Bribe From Samsung'
Makes me think I'm back home.

Koreans Forms Biggest Student Group in US
And this tell you what about your own education system?

I copied this from ZenKimchi...

Kim at Socius in Daejeon has given us a cautionary tale of a Chinese worker in Korea who tested positive for HIV and has been put in solitary confinement.

It’s not only the E-2s that have to go through this new health check requirement. Last week, at the end of my Korean class, the center made all the non-Western women fill out forms for STD tests. We did wonder why they received the forms and the English teachers didn’t.

Then again, yikes on the solitary confinement deal.

On the Border
I would like to see this documentary, but what struck me is how willing the media over here is to post content free in the Internet. If you miss something on TV, the you can see it online a few days later.

Geek in Korea has an amusing way to tell thing. Have a look at this post

Cyworld Pulls Out of Europe
My first reaction was "If it is anything like the Korea version then I can see why it didn't work." The Korean version is the kind of chaos only a Korean can understand. Don't know what I mean? Go to a few Korean site and see for yourself. I had a look at the German site and it actually looks quite nice

S.Africa's Zuma courts white trade unions
What does he think they are? Black illiterate rural people? This is not a disrespectful statement. Black people in rural areas are often illiterate and could not give a damn about politics. They vote who the Big Black man tells them to vote for despite the lies.

Strong unit must replace Scorpions
And with strong we mean "They do what we say and ignore the government's crime and corruption" ?

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