Monday, 10 March 2008

The Great Mr. Night

I have a second year student who is considered very talkative. He is not disruptive, mind, he just loves to talk.

Every time he sees me he says, in a clear voice, “Good Ebening!” He sometimes struggles with the “V” sound and reverts to the Korean thing of changing it to a “B”. My response is to answer him using the correct time of day, to which he normally repeats what I said in reply.

I think he is doing this on purpose now, but at least he greets me where other student just put their heads down and run past.

I have started referring to him as Mr. Night. He does not know this yet, but he will find out soon enough. He is doing a stint on kitchen duty and greets me every day now. I am going greet him next time with “Good Afternoon, Mr. Night” and leave it to him to figure out what “night” means.

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