Saturday, 01 March 2008

News of the week

First off, some cute Engrish.

Birthrate Rises for Second Consecutive Year.
Isn't it interesting how an increase in the birth rate makes the news here?

The oldest photographs taken in Korea have been found. I cant really figure out how old they are, but I don't really care. The photographs are interesting enough without that information.

Good to know about Korean Banking for Expats, Part One and Part Two.

More on the Canal Debate. This time some arguments on the damage it will case. It is a bit one sided, but still interesting.

As expected, Uncle Kim didn't show up at the philharmonics. The only people who showed up are were the well fed privileged of Pyangyong. The rest of the country is still saying: "Philharmonics? In our country? Well, if Uncle Kim says a new super size swimming pool is needed, then it must be so."

Speaking of the Weird North, have a look at this guy, and more specifically, the second video clip.

Looks like things will be a little less comfortable over here. At least we in the South still have food.

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