Thursday, 27 March 2008

My First Korean Toast

Today, just before leaving school, my co-teacher asked me if I ever tried a toasted sandwich from the place right outside our school. Well known with the students, this place is reasonable priced and thus makes loads of money, selling Dakpokki, “Toast” and now Ice Cream as well.

Since I have never had Korean Toast, I thought I would swing by and pick up a Toasted Cheese. For Toasted Cheese, it was the oddest thing I have had in a while.

I was watching the lady prepare the “Toast”, but was distracted by three of my students who wanted to talk to me and feed me dakpokki. I do not mind the students. At least they are trying. Apart from the formed scrambled egg, everything seemed OK. (The egg is square because it is fried in a form little form)

The “OK” turned to “What the…?” when I took my first bite. What I tasted was far from the plain bread and cheese I thought I ordered. I bit in to Egg, Shredded Cole Slaw with 1000 Island Dressing, Red Peppers and very Sweet Tomato Sauce.

I know there was cheese in there because I saw it, but I swear I did not taste any of it.

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