Monday, 31 March 2008

I was at the concert

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get an invite to the concert that was held here in Icheon. There were a few well-known artists, but the concert was generally known as the “Wonder Girls Concert”. Every singer/group had a chance to sing three songs and then had to get off the stage. The Wonder Girls were OK, but they are much better on TV. I feel that that is all they will ever be, a music video girl group. Even the lesser rated Dynamic Duo has better stage personalities than the girls.

Everyone, however, was made to look completely ordinary by Insuni. She is a 50-year-old diva who will remind you of Tina Turner in her manner on stage. That she has an afro does help a little.

Insuni was BORN and RAISED IN KOREA, by her KOREAN mother, but she gets the Afro from her Black American father who was a soldier in Korea. What I find very interesting is that many Koreans consider her a foreigner. It seems that if you are not “100% Pure” Korean, then you are a foreigner, no matter what your passport says.

Never the less, I think you should have a look at this woman’s web site.

Ignoring the music all together, I would like to mention our free stuff. It was raining softly and was quite cold outside, so as we entered the stadium, they handed us a blanket, glow stick and a condom rain jacket. Nice and organised, er? I so wanted to get a photo of all the people looking like very big condoms, but alas, no cameras were allowed.

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