Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Virgin Seekers

This has nothing to do with Korea, but I still loved the term.

Arab/"Muslem" Suicide Bombers are now called Putative Virgin-seekers.


-Dian Devline- said...

a what???? virgin seekers???? hahaha.. i dont know should i laugh or not for this.. but,, yeeaaa am laughing now... whahahahhaaa... coz,, it's kinda weird and odd too..

Otto Silver said...

Yea, you know. When they bomb someone as part of some imagined Jihad, then they go to heaven and get 70 virgins.

I don't get the Arab obsession with virgins, or many other men for that matter. If I have to kill myself then I want 70 sluts. I want girls who know how to have a good time, not girls who will giggle or cringe at the thought of sex. I have a lot to learn and virgins will not help me in that department. *wink*