Tuesday, 04 March 2008

Good Start to the Year

Yesterday was the first day of the new school year and it was not as bad as expected.

We started of with a meeting that I happened to attend. I normally try to avoid then because I do not understand anything and I come out knowing as little as if I had been standing outside listening to my iPod.

A little after the meeting we all gathered in the school hall. This was my first surprise. The greeting of the new students and the introduction of the new teachers went smoothly. This ceremony had no weird stuff or a time wasting. We even managed to introduce ALL the staff to the first years, me included. They introduced me with extra staff, I think. With extra staff, I mean the school nurse and people like that. It would be nice to be in the English Department, but whatever. I wonder why they did not introduce the Kitchen Crew? They work bloody hard back there to feed us all.

The second surprise the removal of schedule my school had whereby Tuesdays and Thursdays started 30 minutes earlier. Now ever day has an extra period. The new schedule will keep me at school until 5pm on four of the five days. I wonder if I they still expect me to come to school at 8:30 am. I should ask about that. The periods will be at the same time every day now, at least, and I still do not work on Saturdays like the other teachers.

Let me not forget the new teachers. Most are young women. Of them, most are OK or good looking (my East Asian preference again) and one of them has a smoking little body. Damn those distractions, damn them to hell! No, wait! Forget I what I just said. Eye candy is never a bad thing, is it?

I am ready for this new year, yes I am. Let us see if I manage to teach someone something this time round.

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